We are a supplier of IT equipment of leading global brands: Dell EMC, HPE, Microsoft, Fortinet, Veeam and many other our Partners. High quality and a wide range are not the only advantages of our IT equipment. The advantage is also the competitive prices of the products offered. The purchase process of hardware and software requires consulting, experience and customization of the product to the customer’s needs. With us you have it in a package.


Protect yourself against data loss. We offer you to design and implement a data backup system. Backup copies are a significant security feature of data that may be lost for various reasons. In addition, they are a fundamental element of recreating the plan of the entire IT system in the event of failure or occurrence of random events.


Office 365 is your office operated in the cloud, thanks to which you can access your applications and files from almost anywhere and any device – including Apple mobile devices, Android and many more. We offer customization of the product to your needs, and we will help you in everything from implementation through configuration and training, to effective software management.


MICROSOFT Modern software for companies is an indispensable tool in a professionally managed enterprise, it determines its competitiveness. Our company specializes in the implementation, integration and optimization of Microsoft systems and applications.


Continuity of access to databases has a large impact on the functioning of the company. Most often it is a collection of information which are necessary for everyday work. Maintaining database availability in companies has a high priority. We have knowledge that allows us to design, build and operate secure and energy-efficient data centers that meet the highest international standards.


We provide support in the planning, design, implementation and service of intelligent network technologies that serve the new generation of mobile device users, maintain 100% network operation and allow full control in times of increasing requirements for different systems.

Trust and mutual satisfaction are the key principles of our company.

When designing our solutions, we focus primarily on the needs and business value for our clients, which we are able to measure and describe in order to provide an optimal custom-tailored design ensuring an actual return on investment. We aim at developing long-term relations based on trust and fruitful cooperation.


In order to obtain detailed information, please contact us; We will be happy to see you and try to arange optimal conditions for both-side cooperation.